Greenies Review

It’s not a matter of novelty that people pamper their pets with every chance they get. Pets have become a very important part of the family, and their care is not an aspect to be neglected. People spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their pets. Food, vitamins, inoculations, treats, and even clothes and jewelry, in some cases, they all cost money. And don’t forget about veterinarians, grooming, and training services. There are a lot of branches. That is why pets industry is worth billions of dollars each year. And it is still on the rise.

Greenies Review
cleans down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar and freshen breath
veterinarian recommended and accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council
made with natural, easy-to-digest ingredients and are nutritionally complete

I think you already know that dogs and cats are the most common pets, don’t you? These furry friends are very popular for their cuteness, as well as for their other traits of being loyal and loving companions. Their effect on people is extraordinary, which is why they are often used in different therapy techniques. They are often great with kids and can teach a lot of things, even if they are not able to talk.

Greenies – does your pet really need it?

Taking care of your furry friend is no joke. Just as a human being, it has needs that must regularly be addressed. One of the most important aspects of your pet’s health is its dental care. You may not think much of it until you see how much it costs to repair that which could have been prevented if you took simple precautions, like getting Greenies, for example. Do you know how much it costs a dental implant for your dog? Somewhere around 2000$. If it’s not a canine you may get lucky and spend under 2000, but still.

According to a study, all dogs have dental issues if they are not taken care of appropriately. And they will get worse with age. The most common problem is plaque and tartar. What I find silly is that these two dental conditions can easily be avoided by just giving your dog dental care products. Here is where Greenies intervenes.

What is Greenies?

Greenies is a simple dental care product that your dog can chew (with pleasure, I might add). It will help with different oral issues such as plaque, tartar, and bad breath. Greenies is the first step towards a pristine oral hygiene.

Just ask your veterinarian and see what he has to say. Almost all pet doctors will say the same thing. Plaque and tartar can easily be prevented with Greenies.

Greenies benefits

Since it takes care of your dog’s oral health, the primary purpose is self-explanatory. However, there are other features that are worth mentioning.

100% Natural ingredients

If you are wondering what are Greenies made of, know that all ingredients are entirely natural. The treats are also enriched with vitamins and minerals that will benefit your dog’s health overall, not just its teeth. Greenies is a non-fat treat that has a lot of nutrients, not just empty calories.

Easy to digest

The natural ingredients in Greenies are completely soluble. You don’t have to worry that your dog will swallow the chew stick whole and it will suffer an obstruction. It will break down in its stomach in a matter of hours. Digestion will go as smoothly as possible. It’s a legit concern, but you don’t have to worry about.

It prevents plaque and tartar

These two conditions are a recipe for missing teeth. They will easily ruin your dog’s teeth. An orthodontist will cost a small fortune. And don’t forget about the dog’s pain and suffering. A dog with bad teeth will have eating problems and will be in lots of pain. Do you really want that for your best friend? I didn’t think so.

It helps with bad breath

If you are just as crazy about your dog as I am, then you let it give you kisses after kisses, right? It’s an incredible gesture of affection, but it may not be so pleasant when your dog has bad breath. It kind of grosses you out actually. Fortunately, Greenies will help with that. Chewing it will give your dog a more bearable breath, and you will be able to enjoy all the kisses in the world.

It is highly recommended by veterinarians

Veterinarians will always advise taking care of your dog’s dental hygiene, which is why he or she will always recommend Greenies. Years of experience in this field have proven a lot of pet doctors that this is the best at-home oral care product for your dog.

Pros & Cons

Just as any other product on the market, pet related or not, Greenies had its advantages and disadvantages.


It is a beautiful thing to see that one product as so many advantages. It makes your search for the best item so much easier.

  • ü Greenies bend, don’t break, which means that all the corners of the mouth are well taken care of, not only the front teeth. It will reach the end corners and will make sure that all teeth are cleaned equally.
  • ü It will release a great flavor as your dog chews on it. It will taste great. That means your dog will love it andwill not reject it. It makes it easier for you to take care of your dog’s oral hygiene if it likes doing it.
  • ü You can give your dog a Greenies every single day. There are no restrictions here. As long as you follow the instructions and the weight category, you should be able to make your dog happy each day.
  • ü It actually works by preventing plaque and tartar. So far there were no complaints filed, and according to online reviews, dogs who eat Greenies are free on dental issues, which is great.
  • ü Puppies under 6 months can safely chew on Greenies. There are brands that are not safe for young dogs, but this is not the case with Greenies. There are only weight restrictions.
  • ü Greenies is available in many sizes. It is destined for a wider range of dogs (size, age, and breed related). You can find teenie, petite, regular, large, and jumbo. Not many brands offer such a wide range.
  • ü Just because you are a cat owner, that doesn’t mean you cannot take care of its teeth. Greenies can also be found in a version for cats, so don’t despair. Your cat’s oral care is as essential as a dog’s.


There is no such thing as a perfect product. Ask anyone, and if you find something perfect, let me know, and I will change my statement. Until then. I feel compelled to tell you that Greenies also has a few kinks that dog owners should be aware of.

  • ü Greenies is not a gluten free product. I am not trying to be one of those obnoxious people that don’t consume gluten for unknown reasons, and they decide not to feed gluten to their dog also. If your dog tolerates everything, then great. This con argument is not for you. However, there are dogs which cannot tolerate gluten. If you are the owner of such a dog, then Greenies is not suitable for you.
  • ü You cannot give Greenies to a dog that weighs under 5 pounds. Basically, you cannot feed this dental care product to your 2 pound Chihuahua. It’s sad because I believe the dog, as small as it may be, would like it very much, but what can you do? It’s best if you find another product that will take care of your tiny dog’s oral hygiene. Just because it’s tiny, that doesn’t mean it cannot have problems with dental plaque.

Greenies vs. Dentastix (from Pedigree)

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There are many dental care products for dogs out there. Some of them are good, some of them not so good, but at the end of the day they all have the same purpose: to take care of your dog’s teeth.

Another favorite product is Dentastix from Pedigree. People seem to be very satisfied with this product as well. However, there are a few differences between the two items that are worth mentioning.

  1. Unlike Greenies, Dentastix does not bend. Your dog will chew on it just like on any other treat, and that is it. The manufacturer counts on the fact that the active ingredients from Dentastix will reach in all the right places, but that is not always the case.
  2. While Greenies can be found in 5 sizes, Dentastix has only 3 versions of the same product (for small, medium, and large dogs). While this is not necessarily a bad thing, I think it’s best to have more options.
  3. Dentastix is available in more flavors than Greenies. That means if your dog doesn’t like Greenies (which is possible; dogs have preferences too, you know), you will not be able to give it Greenies anymore. It’s an entirely different story with Dentastix. If your dog doesn’t like a flavor, you can always feed him another which is nice. There is bacon, beef, chicken, and the original flavor. More options can come in handy. Not to mention that you can switch from time to time, just for the sake of diversity.
  4. Both products are not recommended for dogs who don’t tolerate gluten
  5. Dentastix, as well as Greenies, is not allowed for dogs under 5 pounds.

For skeptical people

You might have found some information about Greenies that doesn’t do much good for the brand’s reputation. There was some talk about a Greenies dog treats recall. I just want to set the record straight and tell you that this information is a piece of you know what.

Apparently, a few years back, 13 dogs have died, and the owners made some quick assumptions just because they all fed Greenies to their dogs. They all occupied their time with filling the internet with bad reviews and whatnot. However, there has been an investigation and Greenies was given the green light. It did not cause the death of the 13 dogs.

First of all, 350 million Greenies products were sold that year. 13 deaths out of such a significant number are close to nothing. I am not saying that the dogs in question were nothing, I feel for the owners, but it was not Greenies that killed their dogs.

Secondly, the owners stated that before their deaths, the dogs had green poop. Well, when you introduce chlorophyll into something that ends in your digestive system, that’s what happens. It was a typical reaction that had nothing to do with the tragedies.

As for the other symptoms, such as diarrhea or vomiting, they could have easily been linked to something else. All I’m saying is that 13 out of millions is a too small number to prove something so serious as this.

What you must know is that Greenies is entirely safe for your dog, as well as for your cat. There is nothing to worry about. Do you think that if it were something wrong with the product, so many veterinarians would recommend it? I personally don’t believe so. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.


Greenies is a great product that will take care of your dog’s or cat’s oral hygiene in an adequate way. Your pet needs his teeth just as bad as you do. You brush, floss and use mouthwash for your oral care. Your pet cannot do that, so a chewing treat is the only available, legitimate option. You can choose to brush your pet’s teeth, but I don’t know how successful will you be in this endeavor. Click here to buy on Amazon.

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